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The following is from Karen’s Monday Night Open Talks 01-21-2013


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Plato Aristotle Till Philosophers are Kings

Plato Aristotle Till Philosophers are Kings

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Facts on Common Law-TGJ   <<<   Information for tonight’s topic   >>>

Notes on some of tonight’s discussion

We will finish the following three topics before resuming the review of the sample brief these three topics are necessary to understand.

I. Facts on Common Law-TGJ.pdf

The attached is a selection of facts about the common law that we need to be exposed to before we get too far into dealing with cases in the defacto courts.

[End of Section]

II. Emergency Power Courts

All emergency power process MUST BE DEFECTIVE in form, content, and authority when such process is compared to lawful process. And as defective as it is,


All court appearances are VOLUNTARY because the Process Rule is: ALL DEFECTS OF PROCESS ARE CURED BY VOLUNTARY APPEARANCE.

There are many who believe that special appearances (by paperwork, motions, etc.,) nullify a Court’s jurisdiction. Under emergency powers, this is a false doctrine.

There are no remedies in challenging a Court’s jurisdiction except by abating its process.

“Abatements” are not a challenge to a court’s jurisdiction, they are merely a “good faith” attempt to correct errors in process (i.e., “clear up the errors, judge, and I will appear”).”Special Appearances” fail when a Judge knows what he is doing. Under “Martial Rule,” Judges do whatever they want, whenever they want, so long as he does not alarm the public or disturb the peace.

Jurisdiction is always granted to try jurisdictional questions.

When combined:

There are no remedies in challenging a Court’s jurisdiction, and

[Judges do whatever they want, whenever they want, so long as he does not alarm the public or disturb the peace.]

creates, in effect, an environment in which there is no governing Constitution of the United States; i.e., Martial Rule (not Law).

[End of Section]

III. Our Nonconstitutional Legal System

Many recognize that the legal system today does not follow constitutional law or the common law, as it once did, but is now

operating under some other law. While it is generally agreed that we are under a different law and legal system, its exact nature seems to be in dispute. It has been said that we are under admiralty law, equity law and procedure, administrative rules, public policy, emergency measures, bankruptcy law, the war powers, international law, or martial law.

In a sense, all of these concepts are in part correct, since aspects of each of them are being arbitrarily followed. But none of them specifically state or identify the legal problem and situation. While the cause or source of the current corrupt law and legal system is to be found in the spiritual sector, there is a legal explanation for what is transpiring in the government and courts.

The question many of us have often asked is, how can those who control the legal and judicial system avoid conflict with the constitution while implementing arbitrary and tyrannical laws and procedures?

The answer is that they make use of a concept known as “constitutional avoidance.” By this basic concept it is never presumed that the legislature intended to act contrary to the … They will also dispose of matters by some other means which does not involve the constitution if available.

[End of Section]